Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The definitive Libertines sightseeing post!

Because the directions to various Libertines-related places are scattered all over the internets, I've been having people ask me how to get to these locations.  From now on, I shall link everyone here!  The two best places to visit are the Albion Rooms and Up The Bracket Alley.  However, if you have more time and are really keen, might I also suggest the Bagel shop/Vallance Road, Filthy McNasty's, and the Boogaloo?  I also suggest you take some maps with you if you don't know the areas, as it doesn't always lead you around the nicest places. For simplicity's sake, I tried to stick with main streets as much as possible.

First stop: Albion Rooms!  (112 Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green)
Take the tube to Bethnal Green.  Turn left onto Bethnal Green Road and cross the street.  Keep an eye out on your right for a oneway street called Canrobert St., turn onto this, and follow it until you get to Old Bethnal Green Road.  Turn left onto Old Bethnal Green Road and cross the street.  Teesdale St. is about a minute ahead on the right.  Just wander down until you get to flat 112 A (it's the blue one).  Ta da!  Albion rooms!  There's not a lot to see, but hey, you can say you've been there. ;)

Second stop: Up The Bracket Alley!  (Hare Row)  From The Libertines - Up The Bracket video
Back up Teesdale St. and turn left back onto Old Bethnal Green Road.  Follow this all the way up to Cambridge Heath Road and turn left.  Walk up Cambridge Heath Road.  Keep going until you see a pub called The Hare on the left side of the road.  This is where you turn left to find Hare Row.  Head under the bridge.  You've made it!  
To get back to the tube station, just walk back up Cambridge Heath Road and keep going until you spot the station.

Also in this area is the bagel shop from THIS PHOTO and Vallance Road. 
To get to Vallance Road from the tube station, turn left onto Bethnal Green Road and keep on the left side of the street.  After about half a mile, Vallance Road should be on your left and you can turn there.  You can either carry on down Vallance road or walk part-way down and turn right onto Cheshire St. to head towards the bagel shop and then turn left onto Brick Lane (Beigel Shop - 155 Brick Lane).  It's nearly a half hours walk from Up The Bracket Alley to Vallance Rd/Brick Lane, so you may prefer catching a bus to the area.
It is a bit closer to get the tube back from Whitechapel instead of retracing your steps back to Bethnal Green.
From Vallance Rd, just follow it to its end and turn left onto Whitechapel Rd.  The tube station is a bit ahead on the left.
From the bagel place, walk a bit further down Brick Lane and turn left onto Buxton St. and carry on until you can turn right onto Vallance Rd.  Then follow Vallance Road to Whitechapel Rd and turn left.  The station is just a bit ahead on the left side of the street.

Filthy McNasty's is in Islington, so you have to get the tube up to Angel station.  Be forwarned, all the adorable photos have since been removed.  However, if you're still interested, then from Angel, turn onto Pentonville Road and make sure you're on the left side of the street.  Then turn left again onto Amwell St.  Filthy's should be on the left side of the road, the second corner down.
The room where Pete and Carl played is not in the front room, but through to the back area.

The Boogaloo, home of the first Pete/Carl reunion after The Libertines final breakup, can be reached by taking the tube to Highgate.  Turn onto Archway Road and walk down just a bit, the Boogaloo is on the left. 

Have fun!